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Exclusive Spring Flowers

The Flowers & Plants Association have got some exclusive flowers for you to enjoy for a Spring wedding…

Used in celebrity weddings for decades, the hyacinth is a must for any fashionable bride this spring.
Elizabeth Taylor wore a crown of lemon hyacinth 'pips' (the individual flower heads) for one of her weddings.  New York celebrity florists string garlands of hyacinths pips from trees, but you could try using them as bridesmaids' head-dresses or as an unusual wedding necklace. So whether you're into vintage chic or want the celebrity look, opt for hyacinths for the most luxurious wedding flowers, fit for the finest Princess.

Hyacinths are so versatile: their pips can be strung into leis, garlands, body jewellery and hair – accessorise with beads for a hint of magical sparkle. They come in a range of colours perfect for weddings – white, pale pink, peach and blue - but for the more adventurous there's dark wine purples, rosy reds, navy, egg-yolk yellows and soft oranges. Last but definitely not least, their sweet scent is so pure and natural, it adds to the allure of the bride. So sought-after is the fragrance, that it's a component in some of the most fabulous perfumes by Chanel, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent.  The scent  is used in aromatherapy to calm stress and mental tiredness, so hyacinths are the perfect, all-natural boost for a nervous bride on her wedding day!
You can smell gorgeous, feel better, and sparkle like a princess on your wedding day, with beautiful hyacinths!

Vera Wang's Spring 2009 collection of wedding gowns is reminiscent of the feminine styles of 30's and 40's.  The dresses are all about big, bouffant, chic gowns, with no extra frills – apart from, perhaps, a single magnificent bow.

The Vera Wang of flowers
Amaryllis are the embodiment of this fashion trend,  with their big, opulent, silken petals like the skirt of an evening dress in rich, elegant colours; but with no fussiness or frills. The name 'Amaryllis' comes from a Greek word meaning "sparkling", and it's so easy to see why when you encounter its silken touch, velveteen sheen, and strong, sturdy, flamboyancy.
They come in white, red, pinks, salmons and striped forms – so whether you want to make a statement with a mixture of blooms, or want to hold a single magnificent flower this spring – the amaryllis will make sure you sparkle like you truly should on your wedding day!




Hyacinth Leis Amaryllis