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Pronounced ANNY-goz-an-thoss the name means "plant with unusual flower" as the blooms resemble the hairy feet of a small animal. Hence its common names kangaroo paw or kangaroo's paw (also because it originates from Australia) and monkey paw.

Thick rootstocks and fans of sword-shaped leaves with fuzzy, felt-like flowers which bloom late spring to late summer.

Western AustraliaColour - Ranging from bronze to orange and yellow-green as well as pink and red.


Haemodoraceae Varieties - Anigozanthus flavidus and Anigozanthus manglesii are the two most commonly cultivated as house plants.

Care Tips
They do well in an open and sunny position but not in wet and humid conditions. They need regular watering in summer and to be kept dry in winter. Feed every week from early spring to late summer.

It is better known and probably grown more as a cut flower.

Anigozanthos image courtesy of FLORA-DANIA Marketing