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Ivy (Hedera)

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  • Name - Hedera is the Latin name for ivy.
  • Origin - Europe, also common in Asia
  • Trivia - Language of Flowers: Ivy for friendship and fidelity in marriage.
  • Medicinal - In folk medicine the leaves were boiled and used to treat corns.
  • History - During the German occupation of the Channel Islands ivy berries were boiled and eaten for food. The F&PA does not recommend this as ivy can be poisonous if eaten.
  • Mythical - Considered a symbol of woman. If put together with Holly (the symbol of man) at Christmas, it would bring peace in a home between a husband and wife, for the following year. Ivy was also believed to be a sacred plant of the Greek god, Dionysos (Latin name Bacchus), the god of wine.

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