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Mother in law's Tongue

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Its botanical name is Sansevieria, pronounced SAN-sev-ee-ay-ree-a. Also called snake plant in UK and snakeskin plant in USA. Other common names are good luck plant, lucky plant, devil's tongue, and bowstring hemp.

The ultimate unkillable plant and very fashionable again because of its sculptural shape. Bold and erect with sword-like leaves, most Sansevieria have an attractive marbled pattern on the foliage.

Tropical West Africa, India

Agavaceae (agave)

There are numerous species of 2 main types: tall growing plants the most commonly cultivated is S. trifasciata 'Laurentii', and the lower-growing rosette-like ones, such as yellow-striped 'Golden Hahnii'.

Care Tips
A tough plant that will grow in bright sunshine or shade, withstand dry air, draughts and periods without water, and it rarely needs repotting. Water sparingly and let the soil dry between waterings. In winter do not over expose it to near freezing temperatures and do not overwater as it will rot the base. Temperature: average warmth - min 15 C (59 F) in winter. Care must be taken not to damaged the tip of the leaf as it will stop growing.

Easy to grow. Resistance to insects make it a good "starter" plant. Growth is comparatively slow but it lasts for many years.

Sanseveria hyacinthoides (called aambei wortel by native users) is an ancient African herbal remedy for piles and diarrhoea

Mother in law's Tongue